Thirteenth Bands

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Among the most prominent and popular musical organization in Hamilton in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was the regimental band with the Thirteenth militia.


The band was well known both for its leading of military parades and for its concerts held at the armories and other venues.

Above image shows the band’s internationally famous bandmaster, George Robinson, standing lower center.


Above, a photograph of the Bugle band circa 1906.

Following is a specifically undated quote which accompanied the photo :

When Lord Aylmer, Inspector-General of the-Canadian militia, inspected the Thirteenth Regiment a short time ago he requested the Bugle band of that regiment to play before him. After the selection was rendered he called Sergeant William Spauls up shook hands with him, enquired all about the band, and personally congratulated him for the excellent showing the band made.

Photos courtesy PreVIEW, Local History and Archives, Hamilton Public Library

War Loan Campaign – November 1941

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Throughout WW2, there were many innovative ways to publicize the need for citizens to contribute to War Loans. The following photos and captions are from the Hamilton Spectator.



Caption: “SCENES AS CAVALCADE OF WAR WEAPONS BORE DOWN UPON CITY — Citizens of Hamilton had a glimpse of some of the finest fighting vehicles in the world when a cavalcade of war weapons swept into Hamilton to-day. The parade of these machines marked the attainment of the half-way mark in Hamilton campaign for enough war savings pledges to buy three bomber planes monthly….[This photograph shows] several universal carriers which also had places in the column. It was Hamilton’s first opportunity to see some of the modern weapons which Canadian soldiers need to wage war against the Germans.” The Hamilton Spectator. November 5, 1941. 




“THESE ARE WAR WEAPONS WHICH SAVINGS OF CANADIANS WILL PURCHASE — After the cavalcade of modern mobile units of the Canadian active army had been drawn through city streets yesterday in connection with the war weapons drive in Hamilton, the column halted in King street near Gore park, where hundreds of citizens were afforded an opportunity of examining the many units. Shown [here], is the interior of a mobile workshop lorry, in which running repairs are made to field equipment and vehicles…..” The Hamilton Spectator. November 6, 1941

Photos courtesy PreVIEW, Local History and Archives, Hamilton Public Library

International Harvester – Two Views

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Above, a large view of the Burlington street works of the International Harvester Company, one of the huge industries attracted to Hamiltin the early 29th century.

Below, a commercial postcard using a view presumably taken from the same location. Black and white photo, tinted to add color.


Postcard, bottom, courtesy PreVIEW, Local History and Archives, Hamilton Public Library. Other image from my collection.

King and Wellington – Postcards

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Upon completion in the spring of 1914, the “new” First Methodist Church was the subject of many commercial postcards.


The magnificent church at King and Wellington Streets was one of Hamilton’s largest, and most beautiful ecclesiastical structures.


Below, First Methodist Church in its lovely World War One era context.


Sadly the church was lost to fire, September 13, 1969

Postcards courtesy

Thanks Janet

Patriotic Postcards

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A series of 5 postcards with Hamilton scenes added.


Royal Hamilton Yacht Club



Looking east over Gore Park from Bank of Hamilton buildings.


Wentworth County Court House


James Street Incline Railway


Looking south on James Street.

Postcards courtesy – thanks Janet

Lady Hamilton

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Purchased in 1952 from the United States Coast Guard for $100.00 and renamed the Lady Hamilton, this vessel was owned and operated by the Hamilton Harbour Commission. The Lady Hamilton was used as a cruise ship and could also be rented for private parties.



Above the Lady Hamilton at its dock circa 1954 (Note the Hamilton Harbour Commission building, under construction, on James Street North.



A large crowd on the Lady Hamilton…exact date unknown.

After years of operating at a loss, it was decided to put the Lady Hamilton and sell her. There were purchasers so the vessel ended up being sold to a steel company to be turned into scrap metal.

Photos courtesy PreVIEW, Local History and Archives, Hamilton Public Library.

Hamilton Ticats – HAAA Grounds

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A series of three photographs taken in 1954 at the Hamilton Amateur Athletic Grounds. The Hamilton Tiger Cats trained at that property – there is not date specifically, but I am assuming it is a preseason camp.




Photos courtesy PreVIEW, Local History and Archives, Hamilton Public Library


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