Mountain Library Branch on Concession Street

Buy 1930, there was sufficient interest among the fast-going number of Hamiltonians living on the mountain to petition for a branch to be located in that part of the city.


An early photograph of the Mountain Branch which began operations in the early 1930s in a strorefront on Concession street.


The above photograph shows the over-crowded conditions at the Mountain Branch after World War Two when the population on the mountain was growing rapidly.


The above proper library branch building was officially opened on Concession street, February 2, 1949.

In 1979, the name of the Mountain Branch was changed to Concession Branch.

Photos courtesy PreVIEW, Local History and Archives, Hamilton Public Library.

2 Responses to “Mountain Library Branch on Concession Street”

  1. Kathy Lightheart Says:

    I LOVED the Concession St Library as a child and used it as an excuse as a teen….”just going to the library” when in fact we were hanging around the Tim Hortons or Walt’s coffee shop on Concession instead of studying at the library.

  2. Great memories of Concession St. Library. Went there regularly with our school (G.L. Armstrong), and used it regularly on my own many happy hours spent there……happy days

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