Ticker Tape Parade – 19??

This blog is a different approach to Henley’s Hamilton. I do not know that date of the collection of photographs chosen, nor do I know the specific reason for the ticker tape parade. It would seem to be a military parade featuring soldiers.  I would also assume that the photos were taken in the aftermath of WW2 – possibly a homecoming event.

Whatever – the pictures are just too good not to share.


A crowd of mothers, wives, sisters, and/or sweethearts wait for the soldiers to appear.


Marching along King street, at James.


Above and below, soldiers in procession along James Street South at the head of Gore Park. Ticker tape and much excitement in the air.


Anyone able to add any information regarding these images, feel free to post in the comments section.

Photos courtesy PreVIEW, Local History and Archives, Hamilton Public Library

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